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Don’t worry if you are not a fabulous artist – you don’t need to be as there are loads of letters and designs you can copy for your students to cut out and paste onto their projects.

This publication comes with a Clipart Art Images plus Demonstration plus Video CD (PowerPoint and Windows Media) to help you to teach to your students how to make the projects in a single afternoon!
It shows you how you can keep your students busy, for very little cost. It’s a great hands-on activity, minimum teacher input and makes writing exercises real fun to do and will be an excellent indoor activity for rainy days!
The demonstration CD has loads of PHOTOCOPIABLE Celtic designs and letters and a list of websites for FREE downloadable fonts with a Celtic flair.
There is also a section to show students how to make ‘parchment’ paper. If you are going to do this and use the parchment paper for making diaries or posters or whatever, you will really need to make this a day or two before the class so that the pages are fully ready before using them for their Celtic art projects.

Students will love doing this and it is just fabulous for letting them experience the art of Celtic lettering and design and for having something to take home as a memory of their time spent “learning English in Ireland“, especially for the younger ones to show their parents who may have spent quite a lot of money sending them here!

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