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Teaching songs in an EFL (English as a foreign language) class is a fun way to teach English and most students will really enjoy this. Students will love to learn the lyrics of their favourite songs so that they can sing along to them when they hear them.
Irish music is famous all over the world. It is well known that music or anything to do with the topic of music is a a great way to teach English or any other subject for that matter.

The problem is trying to find good quality books, materials and esl worksheets that will save you a lot of precious time preparing the lesson.

This topic “Famous Irish Singers and Bands” is just one of many quality lessons in the publication “Learning English in Ireland”, student book. It can be found on the website of the same name – learningenglishinireland.ie This has proven to be such a popular topic from the book that there are now individual printed worksheets, beautifully illustrated in full coulour, for teachers the world over to use in their classes.

This will save you having to find information on this topic and save you a lot of preparation time and effort. At most, all you will need is access to a photocopier to photocopy an additional worksheet of one of the songs, a few sheets of coloured card and a pair of scissors.

The lesson provides full colour information pages, quizzes, teacher’s notes, a photocopiable exercise, 2 downloadable teaching songs, answers to the exercises and the teacher’s lesson plan. In fact, it has all been done for you!

The teacher’s lesson plan provides everything you need for the lesson from start to finish. It give you a list of the aims of the lesson (what the student will learn from it), teaching aids required, any preparation required (minor photocopying and cutting out the lines of a song which is already printed for you) a warm up exercise, tips for teaching the lesson’s vocabulary, tips on how to make sure the students understand the new vocabulary needed for understanding the lesson and lots of other things you can do to make this a very interesting and memorable class.

There are two songs included in this lesson as well. Two of the most famous in Ireland – “Molly Malone” and “I’ll Tell Me Ma”. You will find that your students will just love these two songs and will even sing along with them as you play them in the class as part of the lesson!

Note that there may be one or two students who may be a bit reluctant as first to join in with the singing but with a little persuasive enthusiasm from yourself you will find that most of them will be more than happy to sing and clap their hands to the infectious beat of the music.

Dont forget, you can get this and many other books and worksheets and lots of really good information on the teaching of Irish cultural topics here at learningenglishinireland.ie

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