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Learning English in Ireland Students Book plus Audio CD

If you want to improve your ENGLISH and learn more about Ireland including the people, country, culture, tourism then look no further!  Learning English in Ireland  Students Book plus Audio CD is for you.

This is the ONLY book dedicated to learning English through Irish culture. The Essential Guide to Learning English in Ireland.

Read fun and interesting ways to learn English AND Irish culture.

Learn about some of the fun activities you can see and do in Ireland.

Do some quizzes to test your knowledge of Ireland.

Discover some of the myths and legends of this magical land.


I’ve been a teacher and writer of English for over 20 years

I’ve taught English all over the world and returned to Ireland in the year 2000.
Amazed at the number of students coming to Ireland to learn English, I started to ask them why. They told me they heard Ireland is the friendliest place to learn English it has a magical culture & beautiful scenery.

Research and Development

I have researched this thoroughly and have tested the ideas in many different classes with various foreign students of all levels from Beginner to Advanced.  Here are the results…

Well now there IS a dedicated course book that teaches English through Irish culture, tourism, history, art, music, dancing etc…

It is very difficult to find books and materials that teach English AND Irish culture.

There are many good books that teach English and books that give a lot of information.  The problem is the information they give is good, but aimed at native speakers or students with an advanced or proficient level of English.

Also, not all the information about Ireland on the internet is accurate.

This book will teach you about Ireland in easier English language.

You will be able to learn about this in class (some schools in Ireland give you this book as part of your course fees!)

You can also buy this book in good bookshops in Ireland or here from our website so you can learn in your own time when it suits you.

Perhaps you have Irish ancestry or are coming to visit or study in Ireland and want some information before you come here.

“Learning English in Ireland – student book

The ONLY dedicated course book that teaches English AND Irish culture and tourism etc.

Ireland is one of the best English speaking countries in the world!
“Hiberno” English (the pronunciation of English spoken in Ireland) is one of the best pronunciations of the English language.

Listen to this example of the English Language from the Audio CD that accompanies this book

You will also learn about yourself!

Ireland and Irish Culture:

A one-paged overview of the sounds that are used in English showing ‘voiced’ and ‘unvoiced’ sounds, stress and the correct pronunciation of the English alphabet.

VERY concise and informative pages on English Grammar:

Active and Passive – Clear explanation plus exercises (page 22.4)

Conditionals – Finally discover an easy way to learn about conditionals. Included is an easy to read guide showing an overview of the four types of conditions and clear explanations and samples of this very confusing section of grammar. Exercises included. (Pages 22.2 and 22.3)

Participles – Present and Past forms plus exercises. (Page 22.3)

Questions – How to form questions with the auxiliary ‘Do’ and questions words – where, what, which, who, when, why and how – with FULL explanations and samples of how to use them. (Page 22.4)

Question Tags – These are used quite a lot in English. Learn how to use them with confidence through samples and exercises. (Page 22.4)

Say and Tell – Learn a VERY easy way to remember the difference between these two very confusing verbs. (Page 22.6)

Spelling – English spelling can be difficult as English is not a phonetic language (it is not spelt how it is pronounced). Learn/revise some basic spelling rules to help you with exercises to help you and a list of words that are often spelled incorrectly. (Pages 22.4 – 22.5)

Verbs – Auxiliary (and Modal) – Learn the different types with full explanations, clear samples and exercises to help you how to use each of these VERY IMPORTANT VERBS. (Pages 22.9 – 22.10)

Verbs – Irregular – Included is a quick reference to the most commonly used irregular verbs with a FULL PRONUNCIATION GUIDE. (pages 22.7 – 22.8)

Verbs – Phrasal – These are very confusing as they are only used in English. A one-paged explanation and another one paged summary of how they are formed and used will help you. (pages 22.17 and 22.18)

Verbs – Tenses – This very important section gives you clear explanations of the terminology of tenses, excellent samples and explanations plus the form for EACH one, followed by examples for you to practise and to help you to learn how to use each one. (Pages 22.11 – 22.16)

Verbs – Transitive and Intransitive – What they are and how to use them. (Page 22.6)

ANSWERS – (the answers to all the above exercises are on Pages 23.1 and 23.2).

Learning English in Ireland Audio CD

The FREE Audio CD is PACKED with easy to find listening exercises to accompany the workbook. Listen to information, stories, some accents from English speaking tourists visiting Ireland, tradition Irish songs and a true ghost story.

Derek Nichol, Director of Studies at the Foyle Language School:

“This book is long overdue, obviously, and it deals very comprehensively with a wide range of topics, like culture, arts and mythology. It’s ideal for students coming here for either a short time or a long time, as it culturally orientates them into our ways.  It’s very user friendly, and can be adapted to suit all levels.  There are very good interactive tasks and exercises, and the book comes with a CD that the student can keep and take home afterwards with a range of Irish accents on it.”

Student Comments:

“An ideal souvenir of our study holiday in Ireland.”
“Great to see a book devoted to Ireland and Irish things.”
“We come to Ireland to learn about Irish things as well as the      English Language.”
“The celtic art is very unique and beautiful.”
“A nice book is more professional than loose pages and photocopies.”
“I am almost advanced level but I still found this book very interesting.”
“More interesting and fun than just learning grammar”
“The songs are great and I liked hearing the sounds of the individual Irish instruments.”

So why buy this book?

Learning English in Ireland

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Here’s what you get for ONLY €24.95 €16.95

Learning English in Ireland Students Book plus Audio CD

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ONLY 24.95 €16.95






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P.S. ALL the exercises in this book have been tried and tested. I use every one of them personally with all nationalities in my classes. Remember, you have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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    1. Hello Bridget
      The page you were on was the first version of the “Learning English in Ireland” book.
      Apologies, I have just asked the website developer to take down this page.

      Which school do you teach in? They might already have it.
      I can check this for you.

      Thank you so much for your interest in our “Learning English in Ireland” course book.
      It is the only one of its kind in Ireland and we have lots of discounts for schools.

      You will also be sent a link to all the audio files, worksheets, powerpoint slides, etc to help you teach each of the sections in the book.

      Here is the link to the updated current version:

      We are only an email away if you have any questions and will be glad to help.

      Marianne at TEFL Resources Ireland

  1. I am enjoying this book but I cannot find answers to the chapters. I do not know if I am doing exercises right. Is there an answer book.

    1. Hello Susanna,
      Firstly, I am so glad you are enjoying the book 🙂
      Where did you get the book from?
      Let me know so I can try to find the answers for you.

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