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We are NOT currently hiring content writers for English language cultural resources aimed at all levels for non-native English language speakers.  The cultural resources will teach English via the culture of any country across the world. Cultural resources can include stories, games, songs, movie reviews, plus any other suggestions you may have.   The writing must be original and your own work.   Ideally, you will: *be an experienced qualified teacher of English to non-native speakers. *have experience and/or knowledge in the chosen culture(s) you wish to write resources for. *have experience in writing handouts/worksheets for learners of English.   You will be required to: *Write the text for cultural resources aimed at English language learners.  You can write about any topic on any culture.  Preferably the writing will include the same topic for each language learning level but you can also submit for a level of your choice. *Writing topics must include questions and answers to match the writing.topic.   *Write teacher’s notes to match the student resources. *Agree that this is your own original writing and that it is not published anywhere else previously nor will be in the future. *Submit writing that is grammatically correct.     You will not be required to: Design or illustrate the writing.  Text only is required.   However, If you are able to illustrate your writing, extra remuneration will be awarded.   Sample Resources See our sample resources as a guide of the content quality expected. Sample Resources (books homepage)   Payment Payment is approximately €25 per 400 words of text.  (An A4 page is approx 350 – 400 words)     Apply Now! [ninja_forms id=9] If your application is accepted we can arrange to meet on Skype to clarify any questions and you can then advise us how/where we can transfer you teaching payments to you, for example, via PayPal or other methods of your choice.   Thank you for your interest in working for TEFL-Resources.com