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Teaching Celtic Art Front Cover

This Teacher’s Book is for anyone teaching or organising groups of people, anywhere in the world, who want to learn how to make projects, posters, sign etc using Celtic art designs and lettering.

Make your own:

Greeting Cards


Poster and Signs

School Project/Diary Covers

‘Parchment paper’

..and many more ideas inside…

Celtic Artwork Samples

Teaching Celtic Art Activities
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Book Contents and Features:

Teaching Celtic Art Activities Book Back Cover

Teaching Celtic Art Activities Book and Clip Art CD:

Introduction to Celtic Art

Teacher’s Notes

Making ‘Parchement’ Paper

Illuminated Letters

Celtic Scripts

Corner Decorations

Celtic Knots

Celtic Animals and Birds Designs

Shamrocks and Clover Designs



Celtic Scrolls

Irish Blessings

Font Samples (including free downloads)

All of this will help you and your students produce some very creative Celtic artwork projects.

Great for a rainy day!

Teaching Celtic Art Activities and Instruction CD

Teaching Celtic Art Activities Book and Instruction CD Physical Product

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Teaching Celtic Art Activities eBook and Instruction CD Digital Download

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