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Formerly Learning English in Ireland, Intermediate

The only coursebook dedicated to learning English through Irish culture.

x1 Teacher’s Book plus x15 Student Books

  • An alternative to including a course book for each student as part of course fees.
  • Or include with course fees at wholesale prices.
  • Order extra course books, at wholesale, for students who wish to purchase their own copy.


Suitable for:

*Summer students coming to Ireland to learn English.

*Irish cultural classes for all students throughout the year.

* Level:  B1 Intermediate – Advanced 

      • Revised B1/Intermediate 2nd Edition
      • Can be used up to Advanced Levels
      • All audios re-recorded
      • Extra audios for Irish names
      • Many images updated
      • New pronunciation boxes added
      • New grammar boxes added
      • New Unit – Ireland Around the World
      • New Br, Am and Ir Eng comparisons
      • New pronunciation charts



  • This book is sold only in Ireland, so no comments from students saying they have already done this book.
  • Class Sets are perfect if your course fees do not include a course book.
  • Save preparation time!
  • No need to use photocopier (books not photocopiable).
  • Save paper/trees.
  • Good for the environment!
  • Each student can use the full coloured books with beautiful photos and hand painted images.
    (B&W copies do not do this book justice)
  • Order extra books at wholesale prices for students who want to
    buy this book as a souvenir of their time in your school.
  • Order today, delivery within 2 – 3 days.


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How to use a Class Set:

  1. Number each book 1 – 15.
  2. Give each student the same numbered book each lesson.
    The number should match the number in the class register.
  3. Instruct students to write their anwers in a notebook, not in the book.
  4. At the end of the lesson collect all the books in numerical order.
    If a student takes a book with them, by mistake, the register will tell you which student has the missing numbered book.
  5. It is a good idea to order extra books (at our wholesale prices) in case students want to purchase their own copy to take home with them as a reminder of their studies with you at your school.