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28 Day English Pronunciation Challenge! For LEARNERS and TEACHERS of English


Welcome to all 
Learners, Improvers, Teachers
English Pronunciation

Learners or Improvers

Do you speak English well but still have problems saying and understanding some of the English sounds?

Are you embarrassed to speak in English?

Are you tired of being misunderstood?


Are you unsure how to teach pronunciation?

Do you you think your pronunciation is not the same as in English books?

Would you like to feel completely confident to teach English pronunciation?

All English Pronunciation accents can be very confusing to teach 

Common Problems

There are 26 letters in the English alphabet.

However, there are 44 SOUNDS in English!

Some letters have one sound but some have up to

*9 different sounds* !

**You won’t always know by reading the alphabet letters**

What if there was a way to read every word in English and pronounce them 100% correctly?

There is!

… by reading and correctly pronouncing the

44 sound symbols!


* having to repeat yourself.

* being shy, nervous or embarrassed to speak  or teachEnglish.

* trying to find qualified English pronunciation teachers.

* avoiding English speakers.

* not understanding all media channels.

* missing job opportunities.

* limiting countries you want to visit, teach or study in.

* avoiding other situations where you have to speak or teach English with clear pronunciation.

Learn the 44 sounds symbols and you will be able to

correctly pronounce every English word!


Hi, I’m Marianne Jordan from Pronunciation Club, specialising in and passionate about helping all you English learners with your English pronunciation.

I will be your course teacher and personal mentor to make sure you are learning this powerful sound system to help you pronounce any word in English.

FIRST, I am giving you a 100% guarantee for your learning because I will personally guide you each week during the LIVE Online Pronunciation Classes.

If you have problems with some of the English sounds, DON’T WORRY! I promise to continue helping you, for FREE, after the classes finish until you are fully CONFIDENT to pronounce ALL the sounds of English so that anyone can understand you!

You will be AMAZED at how helpful this is going to be for your pronunciation!

“After many years of teaching English, I started focussing on pronunciation as many of my students were working in English-speaking companies and had a high level of English but were not completely confident with their English pronunciation.

I started teaching the sounds the way I was taught in all teacher training courses.
Start with one sound, for example, ‘b’ and a word with this sound, for example, ‘big’.
The problem with this method is that we are teaching one sound ‘
b‘ but giving a sample word with THREE sounds big.

Students were asking me what about ‘i’ and ‘g’? I (shamefully) said, “Oh we will cover those two in another lesson,” or I said the sounds without sample words. I began to think that if I was a student in my class I would not be fully satisfied with this answer.
The next sound is ‘p’ and the word is ‘pen’.
Now we are teaching the first two sounds but using two words with a total of SIX sounds!
Some of these letters have more than one sound!
After learning 10 sounds you have 10 words with the target sounds which have many more sounds that you have not learned yet. You are only able to sound out part of the words.

I thought there HAS to be a better way than this!
So …

I have created a unique method to help you to learn and remember the sounds of English!”

Look at this chart …

This chart gives you an idea of
my unique method
for learning the sounds of English.

First, you learn sound 1. (This sound is also a word! So no other sounds in this word to worry about!)
Next, you learn sound 2 Add this to sound 1 and you can now read and say 3 new words and a total of 4 words.
Next, you learn sound 3. Add this to sound 1 and sound 2 and now you can read 4 new words and a total of 8 words.
Continue until you learn
sound 10. Add that sound to the previous 9 sounds you can read
52 new words and a total of 200 words!
10 sounds = 200 words!

*Each additional sound multiplies the number of words you can read.

*The more words you can read, the more motivation you gain to learn more sounds.

*You will see previously learned sounds often repeated in new words.
This continuous revision increases
your learning.

When you learn ALL 44 sounds you will be able to say EVERY ENGLISH WORD!

Each sound has a unique sound symbol.
Each symbol has only one sound.
English Alphabet letters have 1 – 9 different sounds!

The sound symbols are 100% accurate!

Pronunciation is more than just ‘Listen and Repeat’!

You need to know HOW to make the sounds!

You need to know if you are making the sounds correctly!

This is why I have LIVE online classes and checks so you can:

  • hear me say each of the sounds

  • see how to make the sounds with instructions, images and videos (front and inside views)

  • say the sounds and I will personally check to make sure you are saying them correctly

***This is not just online self-paced video lessons
without a qualified teacher
to check you are saying the sounds correctly!

***Nor will you be left alone with no motivation to complete the course!***

“I will be there every day of every week of the course to help you.”

Set a time limit!

Take the 28-Day Challenge!

Start learning from day 1, and by the end of 28 days

you will have more confidence, knowledge and resources

to speak English clearly and intelligibly!

In terms of how we are going to work together, we will group video chat weekly on Google Meet. I will coach you on the topics and sounds for that week during the session, and you will have online videos and self-paced interactive pronunciation exercises to work on between sessions.

It will take you about 30-60 minutes (but work at your own pace) per day in total every week to make enough progress to feel confident to speak more clearly and intelligibly.

Remember: You can ask questions during the live sessions or anytime in the Facebook group.

Here is everything you have access to
so you can start
Speaking More Clearly from DAY 1 …

* x4 LIVE Online Weekly Classes (Worth €60, see special below)
with self-assessment and teacher assessment.

* Self-Paced Online “Phonetics Builder” Course (Worth €7, see special below)
for homework, teacher help and checks, study at your own pace, revise as much as you need.

* Self Assessment Checklist (Included!)
to track your learning.

* Certificate of Attainment (Included!)
as proof of your learning and competence


* Private Facebook or Linkedin Community (Included!)
to check in with other learners.

* Live Monthly Group Coaching (Worth €10 per month, see special below)
for FAQ’s and extra help.

* Interactive Soundboards (Included!)
useful for quick sound checks and revision.

* Language Specific (Included!)
use the soundboard for the potential problem sounds for 22 languages.

* Full Set of Phonetic Flashcards (FREE!)
great for learning and revision anywhere, anytime, fit in your pocket.

x4 LIVE Online Weekly Classes

Be the Master of YOUR English Pronunciation!

Start learning the sounds and start speaking clearer from Day 1

After successfully completing this course and continuing to practise speaking, you will have more confidence to:

*communicate in English with anyone, anywhere.

*travel to English-speaking countries.

*better understand media channels.

*achieve higher marks in English Language speaking exams.

*apply for university degrees and job positions that require English.

Your learning is GUARANTEED!

Remember, I will continue to help you after the course is finished
to make sure you are more confident with all the sounds of English.
A full refund is available for participants who have attended all the classes,
completed all the weekly tasks, and have attended the free extra help workshops
and are still not happy with the results. No questions asked 🙂

NOTE: As we slowly move out of Covid restrictions, and to help those that are just starting back to work, I am discounting courses to help you get back on your feet and help you to learn this primary and vital pronunciation skill…

EMAIL US  or Tel:  +353 86 733 5516


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