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Calling all TEFL Teachers…

Are you looking for books and materials to teach Irish culture and tourism in your English language classes?

Look no further…

“Learning English in Ireland Teachers Book plus Audio CD”

Photocopiable Exercises

Loads of ideas for fun Games and Activities

Complete Lesson Plans

Imagine… No more hours spent searching through magazines, in the library or on the internet!

I’ve been a teacher and writer of English for over 20 years

I’ve taught English all over the world and returned to Ireland in the year 2000.
Amazed at the number of students coming to Ireland to learn English, I started to ask them why. They told me they heard Ireland is the friendliest place to learn English it has a magical culture & beautiful scenery.

Research and Development

I have researched this thoroughly and have tested the ideas in many different classes with various foreign students of all levels from Beginner to Advanced.  Here are the results…

Well now there IS a dedicated course book that teaches English through Irish culture, tourism, history, art, music, dancing etc…

Aimed at foreign students coming to Ireland or overseas to studying English and Irish Culture (Intermediate level, but some units also suitable for Pre-Intermediate and Upper Intermediate).

Grammar is referenced at the back of the book.

Complete Lesson Plans.

Each Unit of Learning has an Irish theme.

“Learning English in Ireland Teachers Book plus Audio CD”

This Teacher’s Book is a COMPLETE guide
that accompanies the student workbook
“Learning English in Ireland – student book”

60 Day Money Back No Risk Guarantee!

Units do not need to be taught in order – teach what you want, when you want.

All units have supplementary activities in this Teacher’s Book.

Extra photocopiable activities in this Teacher’s Book.

FREE Audio CD of listening exercises included.

And much more…

Learning English in Ireland Audio CD


The FREE Audio CD is PACKED with easy to find listening exercises to accompany the workbook. Listen to information, stories, some accents from English speaking tourists visiting Ireland, tradition Irish songs and a true ghost story.

Derek Nichol, Director of Studies at the Foyle Language School:

“This book is long overdue, obviously, and it deals very comprehensively with a wide range of topics, like culture, arts and mythology. It’s ideal for students coming here for either a short time or a long time, as it culturally orientates them into our ways.  It’s very user friendly, and can be adapted to suit all levels.  There are very good interactive tasks and exercises, and the book comes with a CD that the student can keep and take home afterwards with a range of Irish accents on it.”

Student Comments:

“An ideal souvenir of our study holiday in Ireland.”
“Great to see a book devoted to Ireland and Irish things.”
“We come to Ireland to learn about Irish things as well as the English Language.”
“The celtic art is very unique and beautiful.”
“A nice book is more professional than loose pages and photocopies.”
“I am almost advanced level but I still found this book very interesting.”
“More interesting and fun than just learning grammar”
“The songs are great and I liked hearing the sounds of the individual Irish instruments.”

So why buy this book?

I am so convinced that this book will help you I am giving you a 60 Day 100% Money Back No Risk Guarantee!!

If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with this book we will refund your full money – no questions asked.

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Learning English in Ireland Teachers book plus Audio CD

Learning English in Ireland Teachers book plus Audio CD Physical Product

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Learning English in Ireland Teachers book plus Audio CD Digital Download

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  1. Hi. I’m Irish and a CELT teacher living and working in a French school in Antibes in the south of France!. We are bringing 90 10/11 year old students of English to Ireland in June for a cultural trip. I worked in Ireland for a number of years and used the Learning in English in Ireland book with foreign students of all nationalities to teach them about Ireland. I would like to use this book again to teach my French students about Ireland before we go. The school has never taken their students to Ireland before and I’m hoping this trip will be the first of many!!. I have the student’s book but not the teacher’s book. Is it possible to order this as I tried to order and wasn’t able to. Please advise me how I can order the Teacher’s book and notes for Learning English in Ireland by Marianne Jordan!. Thanks!.

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