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Learning English in Ireland Quantity Discounts

If you are an English language school or a private teacher you can get a range of discounts depending on the amount of books you purchase per order.

If you are outside Ireland let us know where and we will let you know the postage costs to your country.

x10 Learning English in Ireland books €155


only €15.50 per book!

x20 Learning English in Ireland books €290

only €14.50 per book!

x30 Learning English in Ireland books €405

only €13.50 per book!

x50 Learning English in Ireland books €647.50

only €12.95 per bk!

100 Learning English in Ireland books €1195

only €11.95 per bk!


Huge Saving on Class Sets!

If you are not purchasing a “Learning English in Ireland” workbook for each student (very short courses, not costed into the course) then Class sets of “English in Ireland books” are well worth considering:

Save on huge photocopying bills (a lot of pages get wasted and thrown away)

Save on costly copyright fees and paperwork

Save time and effort

TIP: When you receive your class set, number each book from 1 – 20. Give each student a number from 1- 20 in the student register. Each student takes a book that matches their number. This way you can easily track who has each book. Teacher to make sure all 20 are returned at end of the class. (You may need 2 or more sets if you have other classes needing to use them at the same time.)

If a student wishes to have their own copy they can order the Learning English in Ireland – student book or you can make a bulk order,  availing of the discounts offered for bulk orders, on their behalf.

20 Learning English in Ireland students books
(€19.95 €14.20 per book!)
Plus Teacher’s book plus Audio CD€39.95 only €35.00

Total = €438.95 today only €319  Save €119.95

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