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Packed with fun and interesting exercises. Wonderfully illustrated in colour

Full of variety from crosswords to tongue twisters.

Instructions to help play the games and activities.

Flash cards to help memorise new words.

Pronunciation guide included.

All the answers included at the back of the book.

Learn/Teach the vocabulary needed for this original Celtic Festival.

I’ve been a teacher and writer of English for over 20 years all over the world. I have tested all these word games in many different classes with various foreign students of all ages and levels from Beginner to Advanced.  They have also been tested with native English speaking students in primary and secondary schools and colleges.

There are very few materials that teach the vocabulary needed for Halloween. Most teachers have to depend on cutting and pasting from the internet or putting a few words on the board as it very time consuming to write these types of exercises for only one day of the year!!

However, many students, in particular those learning English as another language would love to learn and understand the vocabulary to join in with the hype and preparations for Halloween. This book will teach you/help you to teach a lot of the vocabulary needed for the Halloween festival in a fun and interesting way.

Halloween Word Games include:

  1. Vocabulary Exercises
  2. Word Searches
  3. Crosswords
  4. Half Crosswords
  5. Tongue Twisters

“Halloween Word Games”

The ONLY dedicated work book
that covers the vocabulary needed for

Look at all these fun and interesting topics:

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Teacher’s Comments:
“This book takes all the hard work out of the preparation for a topic that only happens once a year.  Saves a lot of time and effort for a once off class that I wouldn’t normally spend to much time on..”

Student Comments:
“Really good fun and an interesting way to learn new vocabulary.”

So why buy this book?

This is the ONLY workbook that teaches the vocabulary used for Halloween!

Two Versions Available:
PRINTED – Photocopiable (Black and White) €29.95 only €24.95

DOWNLOADABLE – (FULL Colour!) €24.95 only €19.95

“Scary Sounds CD” , Normally €9.95 – included FREE!

The CD contains some very spooky music for you to play during class or Halloween parties.

Halloween Audio Contents:

(40 mins playing time)

Part 01 Don’t Go There!
Part 02 Dying
Part 03 The Funeral
Part 04 Later at The Cemetery
Part 05 Time to Wake Up
Part 06 Message Drums to the Underworlds
Part 07 Response from the Laboratory
Part 08 Response from Dracula
Part 09 Response from the Witches
Part 10 Response from the Voodoo
Part 11 A Zombie is Born
Part 12 Zombie Walkabout
Part 13 Underworlds Celebrate
Part 14 Zombie returns home
Part 15 A Normal Day
Part 16 Nightmare
Part 17 Halloween Festival
Part 18 Fireworks
Part 19 Trick or Treat
Part 20 Who’s There?

Halloween Word Games Book and Spooky Sounds Audio

Halloween Word Games Book,Black & White

and Spooky Sounds Audio CD Physical Product

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Sale Price : €24.95



Halloween Word Games eBook, FULL Colour

and Spooky Sounds Audio CD Download

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