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Halloween Spooky Sounds CD

Want some scary sounds for your Halloween Party or Murder Mystery Weekend?


Don’t waste time searching!

Save time trying to make sounds!

Ready for you to Download NOW

Start scaring the life out of people in the next 5 minutes!


Halloween Audio Contents:

(40 mins playing time)

Start scaring the life out of your guests NOW!

Part 01 Don’t Go There!
Part 02 Dying
Part 03 The Funeral
Part 04 Later at The Cemetery
Part 05 Time to Wake Up
Part 06 Message Drums to the Underworlds
Part 07 Response from the Laboratory
Part 08 Response from Dracula
Part 09 Response from the Witches
Part 10 Response from the Voodoo
Part 11 A Zombie is Born
Part 12 Zombie Walkabout
Part 13 Underworlds Celebrate
Part 14 Zombie returns home
Part 15 A Normal Day
Part 16 Nightmare
Part 17 Halloween Festival
Part 18 Fireworks
Part 19 Trick or Treat
Part 20 Who’s There?

Halloween Spooky Sounds Audio

Halloween Spooky Sounds Audio

Halloween Spooky Sounds Audio Physical Product

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Sale Price : €4.95

Halloween Spooky Sounds Audio Digital Download

Price : €4.95

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