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ever wondered if you will ever achieve 100% perfect British or American pronunciation?

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Develop an unmistakable inner confidence that allows you to speak English in any situation IN ANY COUNTRY without getting nervous and without fear of being misunderstood.

Dramatically improve your English pronunciation WITHIN MINUTES (double your chances of learning English pronunciation the right way the first time!)

Read and PRONOUNCE ANY WORD in ANY ENGLISH dictionary (containing the international phonetic alphabet) GUARANTEED!!


There is a way that you can improve your English Pronunciation…

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Improve your ENGLISH PRONUNCIATION, your communication and chances of better employment and travel without going to expensive private lessons or large classes, in your own time, at your own pace.

This English pronunciation guide and FREE AUDIO CD could be the most important book you will ever study!   …GUARANTEED!

Just give me a few minutes more of your time so I can share with you how I can help you…

Hi, my name is Marianne Jordan.

I’ve been a teacher and writer of English for over 20 years. I have written several English language learning books and am currently working on an online pronunciation guide.

I became a teacher because of having some terrible teachers myself in the past who either had their ‘class favourites’ or a total lack of interest in student’s progress or just hadn’t a clue how to teach!

I wanted to be the best teacher ever and the more I studied to be the best teacher, the more I learned that the test of this was how much your students are learning!

From then I became passionate about the way people learn and the problems they, like you, have with learning a language and pronunciation no matter what the age, culture or level of the language learner.

I, myself, am also a learner of languages. I have studied French, Spanish, Italian and Maori!

The FIRST thing to learn with ANY language is the pronunciation. There are many ways to learn English pronunciation and there are many different English pronunciations! (England, America, Canada, New Zealand and over 80 other English speaking countries!!!)…

Marianne Jordan


…At the end of the day, English is English and it really doesn’t matter whether you have a perfect American or British accent. In fact there are so many diverse pronunciations within most English speaking countries anyway that it would be impossible and totally unnecessary to learn them all!

What is important is that you are understood!

To be understood you need to learn how to pronounce the sounds that are most common in ALL English speaking countries!

You need to know that…

…Every language in the world, including yours, has a number of individual sounds to make up the words and sentences we use to speak.

Every language in the world, including yours, has a number of letters or script to write and read its words and sentences.

Some languages have sounds that always match its letters or script for example, French, Spanish and Chinese.  These languages are called phonetic languages.

English is not a phonetic language. The letters ‘ch’ in the English words child, chaos, Chicago and yacht are all pronounced differently! There are SEVEN different ways to say the letter ‘a’ in English! …NO WONDER you have problems with English Pronunciation!!

SOLUTION = Learn the sound symbols in the International Phonetic Alphabet

This is how I know, for sure, that the practical exercises in my English Pronunciation Guide! to learning English pronunciation will help you too.

I have painstakingly chosen words that are pronounced the SAME in ANY ENGLISH SPEAKING COUNTRY.

Once you learn these sounds you will be able to pronounce ANY English word –GUARANTEED!

“This book is amazing, its clear, easy to read and understand. It has improved the quality of my speech (i am a native german speaker) immensly and i now speak with more fluency and confidence than ever. This book is definitly worth it, the audio sounds are so helpful! (Please make a good grammar book next!) Great value!  Hanna Jaeger”
“Hi, I am Luca from Italy.    I have been having a lot of trouble with learning English and trying to speak.   I didn’t realise that there were so many ways to pronounce the English alphabet. But with the help of this book and the audio sounds I can speak much better and also people can understand me better.  I feel better about my speaking now.”

“Hey – I have this book!! I bought it in Ireland. I am Spanish and I have this book called ‘Phonetics for Learners of English Pronunciation’ and I want to say to you that this book is really good for help you with English Pronunciation.
This is very hard for me and i didnt speak English very well but now with this book I am very surprised. It is a very easy book. This is the easiest book about phonetics and pronunciation. The audio sounds included are very clear and helpful and all the exercises are very easy to find! I think you should study this book. /> Ricardo Lara”

Solve ALL your Pronunciation Problems!

English is not a phonetic language (it is not pronounced the way it is written). I am going to show you many examples of this including this one : Did you know that the past simple ending ‘ed’ (phoned, liked, waited) is NEVER pronounced ‘ed’!!! Learn the THREE correct ways to pronounce the past simple ending and the easy rules that will help you to never make this mistake again. (Page 79)

Here are some of the problems you are going to solve

I will show you many more examples of this and much more…

I’ll teach you all of the basics of how to pronounce English perfectly – from the first sound to total fluency. (This is important, as most people have at least ONE area that they’re weak in.)

I’ll show you using simple diagrams how to form your lips and tongue to correctly pronounce each of the English language sounds – Page x – xx

I’ll demonstrate how to pronounce EACH of the English language sounds on the FREE Audio CD in the book.

And much, much, much more…

The FREE Audio CD is PACKED with easy to find listening exercises to help you to hear the sounds spoken in PERFECT INTERNATIONAL ENGLISH.

NATIVE spoken ‘International’ English in short sentences using ALL the vocabulary words on Pages – 113 to 123 (at this point you will be able to read and PRONOUNCE ANY WORD IN ANY DICTIONARY (that shows the internationally recognized phonetic alphabet).

Listen to some of the differences between American and British English then try identifying them yourself. (Page 85)

You can listen to the Audio CD at home, in your office, in the car, on the bus, in the train…in your own time.

3 Phonetic Consonants

4 Phonetic Vowels

5 Phonetic Diphthongs

6  Revision

7 The Alphabet

8 Answers and Glossary

So why this English Pronunciation Guide and not others?

There are many other books on the market that teach pronunciation.

Other books  do have listening materials, sold separately, adding a much higher price to the overall cost
as the listening materials can cost up to THREE times the cost of the book alone!


I insisted on including a Free Audio CD with this book because:

a) You MUST be able to hear a sound to be able to learn it.

b) Over the years many of my students have come from overseas to English speaking countries to study and cannot afford the high cost of other publications and audio listening materials.

c) I am so passionate about the importance of learning phonetics to help you with pronunciation that I want to prove my commitment to you by helping you learn how to pronounce English correctly and confidently.


Learn correctly the FIRST time, and you will not have to unlearn your mistake and relearn the correct way.

“Phonetics for Learners of English Pronunciation” , the Essential English Pronunciation  Guide WILLhelp you to learn pronunciation correctly the first time!


I am so convinced that this English pronunciation guide will help you

I am giving you a 30 Day 100% Money Back No Risk Guarantee!!

Why wait? – start RIGHT NOW!

You will get the English Pronunciation Guide…


1 Introduction

2  The International Phonetic Alphabet

3 Phonetic Consonants

4 Phonetic Vowels

5 Phonetic Diphthongs
6  Revision
7 The Alphabet
8 Answers and Glossary

…  AND the FREE Audio CD

(pay over €20 extra elsewhere!)

ALL for only (€24.95)


Hurry while this special offer lasts!

English Pronunciation Guide plus Audio CD

English Pronunciation Guide book plus Audio CD Physical Product

Regular Price: €24.95

Sale Price : €16.50



English Pronunciation Guide ebook plus Audio CD Digital Download

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