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Halloween History and Traditions

Halloween History and Traditions is about how and where Halloween evolved from the Irish Celtic pagan festival Samhain.  Irish emigrants took the festival with them when they moved to America and other parts of the world. Halloween is celebrated in many countries around the world especially in countries with Irish immigrants, in particular, the USA. This is because Halloween’s […]

TEFL Ireland – Halloween Word Games

“Halloween Word Games” is a fun way to learn all the vocabulary needed for the festival of Halloween. The vocabulary is divided into several different topics and there are a variety of word games in each topic to suit children, schools and colleges and all levels of EFL (English as a foreign language). Read more about this book and how you can learn or teach the vocabulary need for this very popular Celtic festival…

TEFL Ireland – Making Parchment Paper for Class Projects

If you have a group of students who are learning English in Ireland and you want to include some Irish culture activities you can teach your group how to make home-made parchment paper very easily with the help of a new publication called “Teaching Celtic Art Activities“. They can then use this ‘parchment paper’ to write up a diary or other projects as a memory of their study holiday here in Ireland…Read more…

TEFL Ireland – Oisin in Tir na nOg

For anyone teaching English in Ireland, or anywhere in the world who would like to bring some Irish culture into your classes, then using some of our most famous Irish legends is a great way to add an Irish flavour into you lessons, plus it will be new and interesting topic for your students.
One of the most famous legends is called “Oisin in Tir na nOg”. This is a beautiful story about a famous Celtic hunter who fell in love with a beautiful young woman. Read more…

TEFL Ireland – Teaching Traditional Irish Songs

Teaching songs in an EFL (English as a foreign language) class is a fun way to teach English and most students will really enjoy this. Students will love to learn the lyrics of their favourite songs so that they can sing along to them when they hear them. Read more about how to teach songs in your class (without have to sing a note or play an instrument!) …

Halloween Spooky Sounds Audio

Want some scary sounds for your Halloween Party or Murder Mystery Weekend? This Audio CD is packed with scary, spooky, creepy, frightening, wind howling sounds to create just the right atmosphere for your ghastly gathering. So don’t waste any more time searching or trying to make a collection of sounds yourself because its all here for you. You can start scaring the life out of people in the next five minutes!
Wha ha ha ha haaaaaaaa!!! BOO!

Learning Traditional Irish Songs plus Music CD

Want to learn some popular Traditional Irish songs? This eBook and audio cd has 10 very popular songs to get you singing along in no time! Loads of exercises to help you to learn the words with pronunciation help for those of you not familiar with the local colloquialisms or for those of you who are studying English. Guitar music and sheet music and all this are Royalty FREE! All lyrics match the words of the songs perfectly. So clear your throat, get the guitar out and start singing along to this very beautifully played and sung CD… READ MORE…